Our Son's Graduation Party - Let's start with the Cookies!

I decided to do the Periodic Table of the Elements for my son's graduation open house party. 

First, I ordered a poster of the Periodic Table online that was colorful. This one had many colors, some only have a few.

I cut the cookie dough into squares that would fit the squares on the poster. (I tried to find a square cookie cutter the size I needed but didn't have any luck and ran out of time to keep searching.) Each cookie is about 2" square - or as close as I could get free handing the cuts. :D

I tried to match the icing color as close as possible to each square on the poster. I piped the big letters with royal icing, but for the very small numbers in the corners I very gingerly used a food color pen.

I used a clear table cover over the poster, then placed the cookies onto it in their correct order when they were finished. It was a hit at the party. My son loved it and I think it turned out great for a first time effort!