My Fun "Fireflies" Jack-O-Lantern

Starting the design - I put wax paper down to catch the pieces. It works better than newspaper. Newspaper can get damp from the pumpkin and become a mess. Wax paper makes clean up easy. 

"Fireflies" Jack-O-Lantern out on the step waiting for the trick or treaters. I rub petroleum jelly onto the carved and cut areas of our pumpkins so that they keep a lot longer. It gives them a bit of a shine also. 

In the dark ~ a glowing jar of fireflies.

My Son's "Electrical Mad Scientist" Themed Graduation Party

Our son is a bit of a "mad scientist" with electronics, so that was the theme for his High School Graduation Party. He is now in college for Electrical Engineering. 

The Photo Booth Area: Lab coats hanging up and accessories on the table. 
The Dress Up Table: Glasses, Goggles, Gloves, and Props. A sign saying
 "Pick Your 1) Eyewear 2) Gloves 3) Lab Coat Then give us your best mad
scientist pose! MUAHAHAHAAA!" 
Getting Ready! 

My Son and his Girlfriend posing for the camera! 
A Plasma Globe for the Mad Scientists to pose with. 
My Son wrote on a chalkboard made by a friend. "Mad Scientist
Career Path", along with some formulas etc...It made a great backdrop for the photo booth. 
Classmates as Mad Scientists. I had a friend be the photographer for the party. The next day we were able to share the photos with everyone that dressed up.

Family fun for all ages in the photo booth! 

My Son's Tesla Coil and Jacob's Ladders on display. (Not
working of course!) We had a video and slideshow
 playing of those items in action. 
The sign in: We chose many scrapbook pages and colorful pens. 
Friends checking out the Tesla coil and the video. 

Our son also made a photo light Theremin. It makes different pitched sounds when light is shined onto it. He had a mini science fair board with instructions on the table for kids to read and little flashlights for Them to use to make it work.  

One angle of the open house. I hung scrapbook pages on the divider walls. I called it the "exploded scrapbooks". People commented that it was easier to see more pages that way. 

One of the table centerpieces. I used a glass cylinder and filled it with various electronic parts that my husband had in his spare parts.I tucked small photos in the cylinder of our son doing his experiments also. Random bigger pieces were set around on the silver disc.

Gift and Card area. We used a hollowed out scope for the cards. We had a sign saying "Insert Card Here". A wire basket on the bottom shelf held most of the gifts below. 

At home opening the scope to reveal all his cards. He was so blessed!