I Was Tired of Losing my Mailbox Clothespin in the Snow

Here's what I used:
  •  Black Chalkboard Paint
  •  Small Sponge Paint Brush
  •  White Chalk Marker
  •  Wooden Clothespin
Paint both sides of the clothespin. Let both sides dry.

After it is dry - add the word "Mail" or "Outgoing" ~ Whatever you want ~ with the Chalk Marker. 

Then it's ready to use! I got tired of losing my clothespin in the snow when it falls down. Now that it is painted black - I can find it fast!
(Pictured on my vintage mailbox by my back door)

All ready to go! 
1 Corinthians 10:24 "No one should seek their own good, but the good of others"

Valentines Marshmallow Pops

To make these cute Valentines Day marshmallow pops ~
you will need:

Candy Melts (I used pink vanilla flavored ones)
Assorted Valentines Sprinkles
Pop Sticks

Melt the candy melts as directed on the package. I used a double boiler method here ~ I added hot water to a slightly bigger bowl and nested the smaller bowl with the melted candy into it. Doing this keeps the candy melted longer this way. I then added a stick to a marshmallow and dipped about half  of it into the melted candy.

Next, add sprinkles. I used "X's and O's" here.
 I always use a paper plate to catch the extra sprinkles.

I put a cooling rack with square holes above my counter. I weighed it down on one side and used the other side to hold a few pops at a time while they dried. Put wax paper down to catch any drips.

After the pops are dry I put them into little glassine bags, tied with a silver twist tie. 

~ Here are the finished Valentines Marshmallow Pops ~
These are a quick and easy treat that would be fun to do with the kiddos.

I Corinthians 13:4-7 "Love is patient…"

Valentines Day Bookmarks

I started out by picking up a couple of pretty paint color sample strips at a store.

Using a heart shaped punch - I punched out evenly spaced hearts onto each color section along the edge of one side of the paint strip. In the top color section I punched the heart in the center.

Here are two strips with the all of the hearts punched out. I then cut some ribbon about the same length as the strips. These were then looped through the top hearts on each strip. 

I used my double stick tape runner to attach the punched out hearts onto the strips.

Here are the finished heart bookmarks. These are going to be Valentines Day gifts for a special friend. 
John 13:34 "...Love one another."

Valentines Day is just around the corner!

I decided to update my vintage chalkboard for Valentines Day. I erased the Christmas greeting that had been on it. I then decided to give it a quick fresh coat of black chalkboard paint. I let it cure for a couple of days and then started the free handing. Above is a close up of the wreath I drew with tiny heart accents. 
~My finished Valentines chalkboard~
 I added initials of my husband and myself and our son and his girlfriend in a couple of hearts.
 Happy Valentines Day! 

1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us"