~ Homemade Paper Hydrangea Wreath ~

Start out with a round styrofoam wreath form. I've seen these come in white or green. 
Using a Hydrangea punch - punch out many petals out of paper or card stock. I used a few different shades of purple here. Mother of pearl topped pins were used for this one. Slide two petals onto each pin. 

Start covering the wreath form with the petals. Make sure the pins are not poking through the other side - ouch! Arrange the petals so they look like Hydrangea flowers.

My finished Purple Hydrangea Wreath

You can use different colored papers and pin tops. Shown above are yellow petals with white pin tops. I covered an egg form using those for my Mom. 

Quick tip: When I have punched all along each edge of my paper, I then put it into one of my 12" straight edge cutters and cut off the used rows. Cut as close as you can to save on paper. This makes it so much easier to slide the punch in to start the next row. 
One of the eggs - yellow with yellow pin tops. 
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