~ Silk Tie Easter Eggs ~

~ Here is one of my all time favorite Silk Tie Easter Egg results ~

Here's What I Used:

  1. Raw Eggs - I ended up using mostly white ones over the years - because I found that the colors show up better. The small picture above shows an example of a brown egg result. Still very pretty.
  2. Old patterned silk neck ties - or any old piece of silk. 
  3. Old white cotton fabric - I used a couple of old towels. Cut these into pieces large enough to wrap around the egg wrapped in the silk piece.
  4. 3 T. White Vinegar
  5. Large Pan of water
  6. Twist Ties

Here is how my pieces looked - ready to wrap the eggs in.
One egg all tied up and ready to be boiled.
When wrapping an egg in the silk - Make sure the pattern side is towards the egg. Use a twist tie to secure the fabric around the egg. Remember to not twist too hard - the eggs are still raw and breakable at this point.

Add 3 T. of White Vinegar to the water, then carefully lower in the raw wrapped eggs.
Remove the HOT eggs out of the boiling water after about 20 minutes. I use a set of tongs to grab the extra fabric above the twist tie when removing from the water. I have a cooling rack ready with towels underneath. 
After letting the eggs cool off for awhile - I know it's hard to wait!!! But, better to wait than to get a steam burn. Carefully unwrap the eggs. Each one will be different and beautiful in its own way.
You can rub cooking oil on the eggs to give them a shine... 

Or leave them with a matte look.

Some deep pinks shown here!
A bowl of fun Silk Tie Easter Eggs! 
Remember to cut the silk ties into pieces big enough to wrap around an egg. You can use these pieces over and over again - year after year.

This is a great alternative to traditional dyes! 

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

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